The Importance of Student Content Insurance

Moving away from how can sometimes be a daunting thought, but if you are planning to attend University, the likely-hood is that you will be moving away from home into your own accommodation, often sharing with strangers. Before leaving for your new home, it’s important to asses how safe your accommodation is and what the surrounding area is like, especially if you are moving to a large city. I cannot stress enough how important it is to insure your possessions at University in case of theft or accidental damage.

Student accommodations can be very enticing for thieves and burglars because they know that every student usually has a laptop or computer, expensive mobile phones and other valuable assets which can be easily sold on. Many companies offer specialist content insurance packages tailored for students, it is important to investigate these policies fully and compare different packages so that you are getting the right package which will suit your needs. I have put some tips below for you to check against your chosen student content insurance offers.

What does it cover?
Make sure the policy you have chosen covers exactly what you need to be covered, for example many companies offer packages which covers your general contents such as clothes and books etc, but offer a different package for covering more expensive items such as laptops and mobile phones. Don’t choose not to cover those higher priced items because of the higher policy charges, these are often the most appealing items for thieves and are often the items you can’t imagine living without, they are also much more expensive to replace if they are stolen. Also make sure to check if theft is covered, you can even have additional clauses such as accidental damage added to your policy.

Don’t just settle on the first quote you receive from the first company. It’s advise to shop around extensively collecting numerous quotes from numerous companies, then make a shortlist of the ones which offer exactly what you need. I’m not saying that the cheapest is always the best, but if a company is offering you a lower price for the exact same specifications then it’s a no-brainer. These companies want your custom, so don’t be afraid to haggle on the price, tell them you’ve received a better price from one of their competitors, don’t be afraid to do this even to a large company.

If something terrible does happen such as a break-in, you will be very glad that you are covered. You wont have to shell out another hundreds of pounds on a new laptop or have the inconvenience of being without a mobile phone, these items will simply be replaced by the insurance company. Not many student do this as they see it as an unnecessary expense and hassle, but this decision will be regretted in the event of a burglary or theft occurring on your university accommodation.