How to Write a Useful Insurance Case Study

The insurance business is full of cases. Learning Insurance through such cases can be interesting, long lasting and easy to apply.

Some Likely Insurance Cases
An Insurance company gets a difficult claim situation and handles that to the satisfaction of both the parties, insured as well as the insurer. An underwriter applies some scientific technique to create a win-win situation and brings a good business for the company. A non-life Insurance Company uses certain patterns in data to effectively avoid certain type of frauds from happening. A Life Insurance Company develops alternative products and tests these alternatives by simulating on a market model to choose the product to be launched. An Insurance company introduces innovative distribution channel for some micro-insurance products that brought a turn around in the business. The list is endless.

Similarly, there may be some unpleasant cases also. For example, ignoring certain norms and getting caught under regulations, misjudging certain risk before insuring which resulted in huge loss to the company, implementing some project within the organization and not able to use that, denying claims resulting in bad reputation in the market, missing critical requirements in IT implementation project, wrong allocation of resources in IT project implementation, etc.

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Essential Money Saving Strategies For College Students

College students certainly have their work cut out for them in more ways than one. These years are often the most difficult for many individuals and yet happily, they manage to remain the most enjoyable. The combination of new responsibility and greater levels of freedom make it necessary for young adults to quickly learn the budgeting skills that will ensure their survival in the great, wide world.

One major aspect of this is learning to take advantage of every possible savings opportunity. For vehicle owners, this means working hard to earn good grades in order to benefit from the good student discounts that are offered by automobile insurers and a broad range of other companies that offer advantages to dedicated scholars. It also means being diligent enough to pursue these opportunities in order to ensure that they are received.

Clipping coupons is another important part of budgeting. Young adults will find that they can eat better and enjoy a higher quality of personal hygiene products by taking advantage of manufacturer and retailer discounts. These can be clipped from print ads or printed from online sources. When two or more offers are used in tandem with each other, it is possible to receive some items at absolutely no cost.

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